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"Since I was 14 my journal has contained bits and pieces of poetry.  In the last couple decades the poetry started taking sonnet form.  Here are some of my favorites. I do hope you enjoy reading them." - Paula

These are all original works copyrighted by Paula Santirocco, and are not for reproduction without permission. 



The skies change quickly as the seasons pass,
The planets' graceful dance glides mutely on,
The lion rises with the greening grass,
The hunter sets when winter's chill is gone.
Yet, swiftly though the night's display may change,
Do not despair of the celestial might.
The wanderers explore their yearly range
Always returning to adorn the night.
So does my heart this constancy possess
That nature's mockery cannot invade,
Nor human growth or failings make regress,
For like the stars this dream is slow to fade.
Though mighty forces make us change or falter,
The love I have for you will never alter.


Don't tell me of a northern winter's chill
Whose turbid grayish face hypnotically
Enfeebles whitened joints and renders ill;
Far more the cold in your voice freezes me.
Night's crawling dark invaders may assault
The half-repose of sleep's uncertain maze.
Yet, midnight's leering host I sooner halt
Than images of your impartial gaze.
We know the might of words in voice and pen,
An arsenal of pow'r when deftly aimed.
But this barrage becomes less potent when
Compared with silence which more surely maims.
Of vanquishing the mighty I can boast;
Indifference is the foe I fear the most.


It seems as years advance I lose my grasp
On things to treasure and to call my own.
My secrets are no longer tightly clasped,
The stars no longer wink for me alone
And even if each cent I earned was not
The plaything of a thousand groping hands,
The luxury of time cannot be bought
And pleasure is undone by new demands.
But now the greatest treasure I have found,
Embraced and prized beyond all others lost:
A memory, the one thrill yet unbound,
Unshared, unsaid, defying life's dear cost.
Though everything I have is shared and shown,
My thoughts of you at least are mine alone.




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